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Open 7 days a week 9:00 am to as late as 8:00 pm by appointment only

                    Custom-Tailored Body Therapy                                                                 "Taking care of YOU... for all you do!"

 2611 South 70 St. 

Lincoln NE  68506

 Just North of Valentino's To Go at 70th and Van Dorn  

402-483-2256 (CALM)

  If you’re looking for professional massage therapists, you’ve come to the right place.  You are a unique person and your massage will be unique to.  The way one massage therapist massages will not be the same as another as we are unique too.  If you find that you don't mix well with one therapist give another a try, we all want you to be happy with your massage and massage therapist.

The human body needs touch during all periods of life.  Too often we take life and touch for granted without giving thought to what it really means.  Massage is a wonderful form of touch.  Along with being relaxing it helps reduce stress and tension, helps with blood circulation and lymph flow and stimulates the nervous system.  It helps keep us balanced and able to deal with life stresses in a healthier manner.

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